5 April - 11 May 2024
SLOW RIFFS by Gordon Dalton merges the artist's deep connection with the North East coast through a blend of memory and imagination, encapsulating the essence of landscapes marred by time and change.

SLOW RIFFS brings together new work by Gordon Dalton. The places depicted in Dalton’s paintings are haunted by memories of places he has have lived or longingly imagined, with a renewed focus on his native North East coast.


They are a slow archaeological and a painterly investigation into these landscapes, where Dalton both buries and reveals the time and history of a place, often returning to familiar motifs, ‘riffing’ on the same idea. Full of contrasts and spontaneity, they ask the viewer to look longer and harder, to have a one on relationship with landscape painting, to make them curious and find some hope.


Dalton talks of the work in terms of solastalgia – ‘the homesickness we feel while still at home. It’s the pain and longing we feel as we realize the world immediately around us is changing.’


Dalton’s paintings convey an idea and essence of a place and the melancholy of longing and wanting to belong. An unfashionable romanticism grounded in the act of painting.


Gordon Dalton was born in Middlesbrough, 1970. He lives in Saltburn by the Sea, UK. He is currently a Doctoral Researcher at Loughborough University.

He is a represented by Aleph Contemporary.