ALEPH CONTEMPORARY is a new gallery where one can begin a collection of today’s great artists.


The name Aleph is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges. In Borges' story, the Aleph is a point in space that contains all other points. Anyone who gazes into it can see everything in the universe from every angle simultaneously, without distortion, overlapping, or confusion. 


The origins of our name express our commitment to the importance of dialogue, inventive creativity and the value of experiencing and understanding art. 


As a team, we are particularly interested in artists with curatorial and educational experience who are continuing to develop their own voice. Clients can be confident when buying from Aleph Contemporary that they are choosing from a pool of highly qualified and innovative artists.


Aleph Contemporary organises exhibitions and events  where people can meet the artists and see new work. Exhibitions are curated and feature a catalogue. We also invite journalists, curators, art historians, art advisors, and artists to participate in a relaxed salon atmosphere to create uniquely dynamic dialogues. These talks will be filmed and brought online.




We see and understand that art and artists are unique: therein lies their exceptional value.  

This means that online and digital practises must adapt to cater for this uniqueness. 


We appreciate that much of the best art being made today is real. It is made by real people, in real time, with real physical materials. The speed, flatness, and commercial corner-cutting of online galleries and auction websites can never do justice to this effort and quality. Collectors and art lovers, who naturally use the internet to find and appreciate works of art, should be shown the whole story. Aleph Contemporary is a resource for this narrative. 


Our artists are carefully selected on an individual basis, with discussions and studio visits before they take part in Aleph Contemporary. Video interviews of the artists in their studio deepen our insight into their practices. Curatorial and analytical essays are included with every artist’s profile, to place their work into art historical and theoretical context.


We know that the internet is ephemeral, and content comes and goes. Artists understand this, too, which is why they make art to last.


Aleph Contemporary is committed to an active publication programme, publishing catalogues to specially curated physical exhibitions, highlighting particular angles and areas of artists’ concerns. 


The team at Aleph Contemporary have decades of experience in the art world, with a broad range of contacts across galleries, curators, and artists. We are therefore in the happy position of being expert guides in the trends and quality of art being made today.


Aleph Contemporary will be a global endeavour transcending national borders and individual mediums. 


Aleph Contemporary is a Gallery Supporter of Matt’s Gallery in Nine Elms. 

Matt’s Gallery is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and a registered charity.