To watch the video of Willard Boepple interviewed by Jo Baring, click here.


Aleph Contemporary is a new London art gallery that cuts across the digital paradigm to the requirements of physical art making. Our project is not a web store, it is a dynamic, visual and academic hub for artist and art lover alike. We plan to show at art fairs in London and abroad.


Our artists are carefully selected on an individual basis, with discussions and studio visits before they take part in Aleph Contemporary. Video interviews of the artists in their studio deepen our insight into their practices. Curatorial and analytical essays are included with every artist’s profile, to place their work into art historical and theoretical context.


We know that the internet is ephemeral, and content comes and goes. Artists understand this, too, which is why they make art to last.


Aleph Contemporary is committed to an active publication programme, publishing catalogues to specially curated physical exhibitions in London, highlighting particular angles and areas of artists’ concerns.