JACOPO DAL BELLO - VARIATIONS ON WORLDMAKING: Curated by Jon Sharples, introduction text by Andrew Hewish

15 - 30 June 2020
‘Variations on Worldmaking’

London Art Gallery Aleph Contemporary is delighted to present the exclusive online exhibition - Variations on Worldmaking featuring new work by Italian artist Jacopo Dal Bello. Curated by Jon Sharples, this collection of paintings, and mixed media works offer an unique opportunity to see and experience new contemporary art.

Much of Dal Bello’s new approach has come about from the circumstances of the pandemic, the Berlin based artist no longer has the freedom to peruse flea markets for found materials, and instead has turned his focus to the creation of a series of small pictures. The artist shares that  this new series of works starts as a whole and emerges from a contemplative process of taking away elements. Sharples notes: “Given that we have all been robbed of our worlds at the moment, I am attracted to the feeling that each of these otherwise modest canvases is a little world unto itself...  an encyclopedia entry for a land that otherwise only exists as a rumour (like "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" in Borges' Fictions...)”.


Dal Bello’s paintings appear as if somewhere between contemplation and finish, exposed canvas, swathes of paint and mark making creating a musical beauty that lies between balance and imbalance, structure and the dissembled. The work possesses a mystery bound within a simplicity of form and arrangement, a pared down beauty that also evokes a complex sense of memory and storytelling. The curator shares: “The paintings remind me of 'variations on a theme' in the musical sense. And, like a musical score, Jacopo's works often hint at a system of graphic notation I haven't (yet) been initiated into.”

This online exhibition offers us a view into the world of artist ateliers, of moments of experimentation and creativity on a poignant intimate scale. Jacopo Dal Bello creates for us imaginative new worlds to take in, experience and enjoy and Aleph Contemporary is honored to showcase this curated collection as part of our online exhibition programme.

This online exhibition will be accompanied by an essay by contemporary artist and curator Andrew Hewish.