The diverse and knowledgeable team at Aleph Contemporary have decades of experience and we pride ourselves on our close relationships with artists and collaborations with international art specialists and top curators. In addition to curated exhibitions and a presence at art fairs, we offer direct sales and curated selections for our clients at various price points. Inspired by contemporary artistic practice, scholarship and a passion for collecting, the Aleph team produces gallery and online exhibitions and multidisciplinary programming.

Vivienne Roberts

Founder and Artistic Director Vivienne Roberts has over three decades of experience in the secondary art market, specialising in Impressionist and Modern Masters. Vivienne’s expertise extends to contemporary practice and her close relationship with specialists in the fine art field allows Aleph to present contemporary art in an historical context. Committed to fostering artist voices, Vivienne creates curatorial dialogues and exchange through a rigorous and exciting programme of exhibitions, interviews, online showcases and podcasts.

Nicholas and Galya Wells

Founder and Director Nicholas Wells is an established London fine art and antiques dealer with twenty plus years in the field. Nicholas specialises in building collections and the advancement of fine art. A former banker, Business Director Galya Wells brings a strong sense of business acumen to the gallery, cultivating collecting and artistic vision. Together they respond to the demands of the art market while nurturing new trends in contemporary art.