To The Point: with Jon Sharples

Podcast interview

From Aleph Contemporary this is To The Point’ -  a series of podcasts where we talk with collectors, advisors and curators about collecting contemporary art in the twenty-first century.


More than ever, Art reflects our humanity in an increasingly technological and remote world. Beyond aesthetic purposes, Art is a running commentary on the human condition. As a psychological statement it disturbs our apathy. Art is calling out to us to pay attention.


My name is Vivienne Roberts and I’m the founder of Aleph Contemporary, a new London art gallery where we focus on painting today.


Collecting as opposed to investing reflects an enduring fascination with fine art leading to connoisseurship. Many collectors start out with limited means, buying their first work because they relate to it. A relationship with art is born, leading to acquisition of the next piece, and the next. The process opens up a fascinating new world for the collector who will often follow the artist’s development throughout their career. 


In this series, I shall speak with some of today’s most inspired collectors, investigating what drives them and exploring their passion for art.


Today I welcome Jon Sharples, intellectual property lawyer, curator, broadcaster and an avid art collector who by his early 30’s has already accumulated a collection of over 200 works. Jon is on the boards of Block 336 - an artist run project space in Brixton, and of the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art).