One World (Preview): Hannah Luxton - Joe Packer - Fiona G Roberts

30 April - 28 June 2023

Curated by Paul Carey-Kent and Vivienne Roberts


How should we enter the worlds of these three painters? Or should that be ‘the world’, for between them they seem to cohere into one. Joe Packer deals with the earth – abstracting from the natural landscape while retaining a strong sense of its subterranean substance; Fiona Roberts gives us the people who inhabit Earth and collectively determine, if not its fate, then their species’ fate; and Hannah Luxton finds her subjects in remote observations – mountain tops are as close as she gets - in work which reminds us that there is more to our world, materially and spiritually, than the Earth.

Are they dealing with how we relate to nature? The political in the personal? The future of the planet? Perhaps. I’m reminded of TS Eliot in the Four Quartets: ‘What might have been is an abstraction / Remaining a perpetual possibility / Only in a world of speculation.’  ~ Paul Carey-Kent