Christy Burdock British, b. 1969

“From head to hand, paper to audience, I communicate through the labour of drawing and painting.” 


Christy Burdock’s intriguing contemporary works on paper and large scale paintings are microcosms, studies of the interplay of socio-political problems and power structures at work in the lives of everyday people. In highly stylized yet intricately detailed pictures drawn from her imagination, the artist creates vignettes of sorrow, strangely elusive narratives and mysterious characters. 


Formally, Burdock’s work is infused with the expressive and dark sensibility of Expressionist practice, namely in an exaggerated and stylised figuration. As well, there is a nightmarish quality to many of the layered drawings and paintings. The artist’s self-contained worlds draw in the viewer, her sombre story telling entangling her audience. 


Each series begins with graphite drawings and paintings that reference philosophy, current affairs, politics, and historic art. The artist observes that her work is socio-political in nature and topics explored include identity politics, art versus design, corruption and gender issues in the workplace, populism, and narrative over truth. Burdock notes: “My interests lie in observing emerging ideologies as they manifest within smaller groups, looking at how they ripple through society.”


Rosa JH Berland