Anna van Oosterom Dutch

Visual poetry

Anywhere in a city you may hear conversations outside. People talking on a telephone, to each other, to themselves.

It seems a constant conversation is taking place. Words of connection, words of distance.

In the series "Lost and Found, Words and Views" I combine words I have heard on the street with collages I have made.

Together they form a new visual poetry of cities where I have been.

Anna van Oosterom

Anna van Oosterom, collage artist and visual poet

She has lived and worked across the world, in places like Amsterdam, Damascus, Beijing, New York, and she currently resides in London. The places in which she has lived inspire her art, both visually and poetically. She paints with paper, combining shapes, colors and words. Her collages are visual compilations of a special moment, memory, place or story. 


Anna has always been fascinated by communication and loneliness in the big cities she has lived in. On the streets one hears snippets of conversation between people, parts of phone calls, lonely ramblings of homeless people. Some years ago she started collecting these snippets, which now has led to a collection of more than five hundred sentences.

In the current exhibition Anna van Oosterom has integrated sentences heard on the street in the cities she lived in, with her collages. The words function as a counterpoint, an underlining, an interpretation or as a part of the collage. She has created visual poetry as a new expression of her art. She is an active member of the Arts Students League in New York where she participated in annual exhibitions.